RePlay by Revocalize AI

What a superstar you are!

Everybody has a voice, but only some are gifted with a great singing voice. What if I told you you could sing like top billboard artists? Meet RePlay, the place where everyone’s voice can be famous.

Create your AI voice

3 simple step process

Reveal the star in you and dare to shine

Embark on the journey to discovering your true singing voice with RePlay.


Train your own AI Singing model, even if you don’t have singing skills


Browse through our catalog of hits


Generate covers with your own voice, without singing a note

Hear your voice on every song

Why sing together with RePlay


RePlay is the right place for everybody. No singing skills requirements, no bank-breaking prices. We have an AI model price for every pocket and every voice.


Check our pricing plans and choose the right one for you. You can always upgrade your AI model later.


Heal yourself through music with your own voice

Easy to use

The simple user-friendly interface makes it supereasy to become a superstar.


Connect, share, and give and receive feedback from users all over the world.


Gain recognition, showcase your unique voice, connect with industry professionals, and get featured on released songs.

Creative Freedom

Experiment with different styles, input voices, or studio effects to make your voice sound like a superstar.

RePlay singing personas

You can be anyone you want!

The Rock Legend

Unleash your inner rock legend and bring back those evergreens with your unique voice. You might relaunch any old rock song by giving it your own spin.

The Pop Sensation

Become a pop sensation and captivate listeners with your incredible ear-pleasing vocals. Pick your next hit from yesterday’s and today’s biggest chart toppers.

The next big Country Star 

Embrace your country spirit and shine like a star with the ultimate country playlist. Get your boots ready and pick up that hat, tonight is a Showdown.

The Princeess of R’n’B

Showcase your R&B skills and bring soulful vibes to every note you “sing.” Dive into a world of soul and hear your voice silkier than ever with harmonies that’ll give you goosebumps.

The Opera Maestro 

Command the operatic stage as a true maestro with your distinctive voice. Unleash the Pavarotti in you, picking any classic you fancy.

The Trap King 

Dominate the trap game with your impressive rhymes and lyrical skills, “borrowed” from the world’s best. The battle is on, may the best voice with the best rhymes win!

The emperor of EDM

Energize the electronic music scene with your dynamic voice and create electrifying tunes. Fill the dance floor everytime you want to!

The JazzMan

Jazz up the scene with your smooth vocals and become a legend in the world of jazz. Surprise your guests with a jazz playlist ‘sung’ by you. They won’t believe their ears!

Sign up for RePlay now and let the world know what a superstar you are!